Preparing for Holy Week

Carol Cooper and I recorded a new podcast recently preparing us for Holy Week. We walked through the days and the major events leading up to Easter. Our hope is that this readies us even further for Easter.

If you would prefer an audio version please click here.

Any and all feedback is much appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Holy Week

  1. Hi, Carol & Todd, Thank you so much for this insightful podcast on Holy Week. It was definitely not “unplugged” as you highlighted our Lord’s last days on earth.
    Your belief of Judas being in heaven was comforting to me and a reminder of God’s never-ending grace. I also liked your mention of the bread being broken, but Jesus’ body was not. Thank you for this preparation for Holy Week for our observance of the most tragic day in history (Jesus’ death on the cross) turning into the most victorious- His Resurrection. Praise be to God!

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