top3 for August 9, 2019

Here is a quick look at three things I’ve been reading or thinking about this week that impacted me the most. #1 Going Home with Wendell Berry from The New Yorker Local knowledge. Embracing limitations. A good reminder that the source of life is always right in front of us. Being completely present in our current situation is the way to a better future and a healing of the past. God is not afraid of embracing limitations. Why would he choose to embody himself in the form of a human that we call Jesus? Because God is not afraid of … Continue reading top3 for August 9, 2019

top3 for May 10, 2019

#1 – In other words, teaching that is not embodied by the teacher and experienced within the relational community is at risk of being nothing but empty words. Christina Walker Many people think that writing a sermon is one of the most difficult things I do each week.  While I do admit that it is never, or rarely, easy I will say that the above quote is the real difficulty.  Giving a message is not the objective…being the message…now that is the hard part! #2 -So between the death of Christ and the Last Day it is only by a … Continue reading top3 for May 10, 2019