Making a Difference – Jeanne Badgett

Feeling inspired is right! In addition to her many other duties with UK’s Cooperative Extension, Jeanne Badgett has been on the forefront of helping Kentuckians mask-up during Covid. She works with people throughout the Commonwealth supporting, training, and encouraging them in their mask making endeavors. Jeanne is using her gifts to make a difference! ThankContinue reading “Making a Difference – Jeanne Badgett”

Bigger than a Budget – Sermon Excerpt from Nov. 15, 2020

Let us not forget that our common life is dependent upon each other’s toil. Compline Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer I pray the above regularly as part of our nightly 9:00PM prayer time. Each time it reminds me that we are interdependent. Never to be an island unto ourselves – yes, even usContinue reading “Bigger than a Budget – Sermon Excerpt from Nov. 15, 2020”