More Names Less Adjectives

Language shapes our reality. You need look no farther than Genesis 1 to see the power of words. Since language has this power, it is important to regularly reflect on our language usage and observe what it is telling about who we are and are becoming. A while ago, I noticed that I regularly used adjectives to describe others. I would inject a persons ethnicity, political affiliation, orientation, or race [among a few things] to add to who they are? Are those things, among many others, a part of our story and who we are? Absolutely. But they need not … Continue reading More Names Less Adjectives

Quote from Wilberforce

“Some clergy prepare their sermons; others prepare themselves.” – Samuel Wilberforce As I prepare to speak what I hope is a faithful word each week, it is a great reminder that my preparing my life is as important as my exegesis. Spiritual disciplines (prayer, study, fasting, worship, etc.) are the very ground in which God works to shape our lives, our families, and our communities.  And yet, my guess, based upon my own life, is that we would all like to be more consistent, more passionate, more connected to these practices.  I know that my hope is that they become … Continue reading Quote from Wilberforce

More alike than different

I was walking out of the YMCA after working out today. At first, I didn’t notice anything except the beautiful weather and my need to hurry on with my day. There were two women laughing about something that seemed to catch them both as very funny just ahead of me. A few more yards further and I find myself not understanding a word coming out of their mouths. They were speaking a language foreign to me. All of a sudden, my perspective changed. Before the language difference emerged, they were simply two ladies walking out of the Y…friends…daughters…somebody’s mom probably…my … Continue reading More alike than different

Left Behind

I grew up with a fear of being left behind.  Whether in a grocery, in the classroom or on the field of play, I never wanted to be forgotten or somehow left behind and not able to compete.  I wanted to belong.  Not just be…but belong. On this Valentine’s Day, I have been reminded how many people feel on the outside looking in.  Whether it is the loss of a loved one that hits home on days like this or the reminder that things haven’t turned out the way you had planned or hoped.  Maybe it’s time for a phone … Continue reading Left Behind