The Year – 2019

There have been years where I refused to make new years goals. Why waste my breath? For I knew by January 6th I would be back into the same old routines. But it is funny how I am often led back to the process of taking time to review where I am and where God is calling me to be during not only the new year but often. It is less about making goals for me now and more about moving forward in my discipleship. What do I need, or better yet, what am I being called to consider in my life that would make me more available, usable, and pliable to God’s grace?  I’ve found that these things are the very items that have made the biggest difference and hence the most likely to continue.

Therefore, after prayerfully considering what is needed in my life to be a closer disciple of Jesus I’ve been led to these four. Therefore, they will be my focal points for the next year (and maybe beyond!) as I seek to live into the grace that has been offered me. Oh, I’ve got a few personal goals that align with being more healthy and effective in my life, but these are at the core of everything.

I share these to do two things. 1) accountability, and 2) maybe you too would consider joining me?

  • Live with more urgency and less anxiety.
    • There is much to be done but never a moment that the final form is in doubt. I desire to live my life as if I believe Revelation 21 is true and that how God will bring it about is through the faithful hands and feet of his followers.
  • Live more simply so I can give more generously.
    • Especially in terms of my time which is our greatest resources but not limited to time either. Where is the margin in my life? That is the question to wrestle with and the goal to aim toward. I seek to create margin in my time, talent, and resources. Margin does not magically appear but rather it must be ruthlessly carved out by saying no to very often good things so you can be available for the best things which I define as God’s plans.
  • Speak the truth in love.
    • Some relationships need truth spoken into them by me. Not that I consider myself lying but often I find myself silent. Other relationships need more love and patience. I pray for the wisdom to know when to speak and when to listen.
  • Give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
    • Being vulnerable and allowing others the benefit of the doubt instead of putting up barriers and making everyone earn my trust. I do not want to live life through cynical eyes. That does not represent Jesus’ viewpoint. Cynicism is living as if the worst will come true. I find Jesus’ viewpoint of optimism as the important one. And optimism can only be accomplished by faith.