New Year’s Resolution?

If you are like most people (or me), January 1 came and left as quickly as the resolutions you set for 2018.   I read something from Donald Miller’s blogsite “Storyline blog” that made total sense to me when it comes to thinking about resolutions.  Let me share a portion of the blogpost first before we go any further. I don’t have to change all of my habits at once. According to Duhigg, research shows we all have few trigger habits, keystone habits. Singular habits – when we do them, transform other areas of our lives. Keystone habits set off a … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution?

Relationships to grow from

If you ask almost any adult about the impact of church school on his or her growth, he or she will not tell you about books or curriculum or Bible stories or anything like that.  The central memory is of the teacher, learning is meeting.  This poses problems for the characteristically American way of thinking about education for competence even in the church.  Meeting never made anybody competent.  Surely we need competence, unless we mean to dismantle much of our made world.  But our business is not competence.  It is meeting.  We are learning slowly and late that education for … Continue reading Relationships to grow from

Can you hear me now?

“Communication is not about SPEAKING what you think. It’s about ENSURING others hear what you mean.” — Justin Mayo As someone who regularly speaks, I am not quite sure I agree with Mr. Mayo.  The communication process has many components that work together to create a message.  As a pastor, I am often surprised by what people tell me they heard during a sermon.  It is not unusual that what they heard was not something I had planned or even thought about.  It’s like a piece of art.  Interpretation of the message tends to be very personal.  We hear messages … Continue reading Can you hear me now?