New Year’s Resolution?

If you are like most people (or me), January 1 came and left as quickly as the resolutions you set for 2018.   I read something from Donald Miller’s blogsite “Storyline blog” that made total sense to me when it comes to thinking about resolutions.  Let me share a portion of the blogpost first before we go any further.

I don’t have to change all of my habits at once.

According to Duhigg, research shows we all have few trigger habits, keystone habits. Singular habits – when we do them, transform other areas of our lives. Keystone habits set off a chain of internal events, giving us willpower and momentum to do other things. Over time, these keystone habits form other habits, and we become completely different people. These habits can be positive or negative

post by John Sowers (full post here)

In fact, upon further reflection, something rang true for me.  As strange as it may seem, flossing my teeth is a keystone habit for me.  It is that one small thing that when I do it faithfully impacts everything else in my life. (I so wish I could say my prayer time or devotional reading…I really do and hopefully will one day)  But the fact of the matter is that when I floss, I have more discipline for just about everything else in my life. I didn’t think about it at first.  Then I read further down in John Sower’s post, someone else admitted to flossing and it set off sirens and bells in my soul!

What is your keystone habit?  What is that one thing that aligns the rest of your life and creates discipline in your life in other areas?  I believe if we will focus on that “one” thing and not all the “other” things we want to accomplish, we just might find the rest of our life coming together as well.  I personally have a whole host of things I feel called and compelled to take up this year.  I’d better get to flossing if I have any hope of making progress.