Planting Flowers and Fixing Roads near the D.M.Z.

Well, the 7 hours+ on the bus weren’t exactly refreshing, but our time at the DMZ surely was.   To visit a place and literally be able to “see” North Korea and to come away not anxiety filled but hopeful is nothing short than the grace of God at work.  I’ll post some pictures belowContinue reading “Planting Flowers and Fixing Roads near the D.M.Z.”

Tuesday in Seoul – High Level Commitment

Let me just say that Seoul is a huge city.  Mile after mile of well kept highways pass by mile after mile of high rise apartments.  Everywhere you look there seems to be construction cranes and heavy traffic alerting you to the fact that you are in the 18th largest city in the world.  MuchContinue reading “Tuesday in Seoul – High Level Commitment”