Prayer for Thursday

I prayer journal every morning. It is a practice I have been doing for a long while and almost exclusively just for me. As someone who struggles with focus, it is so helpful to write my prayers and remain on task! But I wanted to share this morning’s prayer as it continues to speak to my heart.

I am grateful for you Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You created me from dust and redeemed my life from the pit. You carry me through this day and prepare a place that I’ll call home for eternity. By your grace, I am a new creation and part of a new creation that eagerly waits and serves until you return. The fullness of what we will be is not yet revealed but we are assured because of your presence.

Your way is the cross. By giving, even unto death, your grace is released and your power invades.As I share in your suffering you bring me into solidarity with you and those who are blessed by you.

And it is these blessed ones that form a beachhead point for your kingdom against the powers of this world. This church of yours is your body in action and the ever present reality of your kingdom of forgiveness and justice which is breaking forth.

And it always begins with you. Your will. Your wisdom. Your love.


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