One thought on “Open the Gates

  1. Thank you for this heart-felt message, Todd. I, too, am missing the nourishment of corporate worship. But I appreciate what your staff and you are doing to bring it virtually. You are doing what is necessary & I believe you are drawing a larger than normal audience. I am grateful that March 2020 is over. “March Madness” this year definitely has a new meaning. I do think that God is able to use this time of lockdown during Lent for His purpose. As His creation is bringing renewal to the earth in the form of new growth, I am believing in faith that this will be a time of revival for His Kingdom. Husband Paul reminded me this morning that the Apostle Paul had joy when he was in prison and our lives really don’t lack any physical needs right now. We need to cling to the fact that all we really need is Jesus. We will strive to “Open the Gates” this Palm Sunday and refuse to allow our circumstances to harden our hearts. I am sure that this will be one Palm Sunday and Easter none of us will ever forget!

    Jn10:9 “I am the Gate. Whoever enters through me will be saved”

    Hosanna. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!

    Peace & grace, Laura

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