Begin with Grace

This is part of a weekly series for the Downtown bulletin about our Wesleyan Heritage. I thought it went well with the overall theme of this blog so I included it here too. Have a great week!

I was reminded this week that we Methodists always begin with grace. It shows up in our theology and in our practices. We begin with God’s goodness and then work our way to humanity’s great need for salvation. We see ourselves not as sinners in the hands of an angry God but as sinners being sought by a gracious God. Jesus himself said that he came to save the lost and heal the sick.

Infant baptism and an open communion table are practical outcomes of beginning with God’s grace. It is not through our goodness but God’s that we are invited into the sacraments. Caring for one another through small groups, which we’ve learned about these past few weeks, is another way our theology becomes practical. Gods good gifts working through the hands and feet of others is one of the primary ways grace is imparted. 

If God begins with grace, how much more so should we. Who this week is God calling you to share grace with? Who needs your forgiveness or apology? Who might be encouraged by a visit or card? 

Begin with grace…only God knows what might be waiting for you as a result.

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