Do something…even if its not perfect

The disciple-community does not shake off sorrow as if it were no concern of their own, but willingly bears it.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer from The Cost of Discipleship (p.109)

The Wall Street Journal sits on my table alerting me of “Two Mass Shootings Leave 29 Dead.” Not the way Monday, or any day, should begin. Let me speak for all of us by saying that we are sick and tired of waking up, going to bed, and walking around with this hanging over our heads.

Let’s do something…even if it doesn’t work; even if it falls short of addressing the issue; even if it is wrong.

Let’s pass tougher gun legislation – even if it saves 1…that is enough. Remember when Jesus said he would leave the 99 to look for the 1? One is enough.

Let’s get serious about mental health – we need to acknowledge that our mental health is just as important (maybe more) than our physical health. Let’s talk about depression and anxiety and the many other illnesses which plague our society and create an environment where life has become devalued to the point it appears that we are living in a “shooter” video game instead of the place God carefully created.

Let’s turn down the divisive rhetoric in Washington, Kentucky (and whichever state you are reading this from), our cities and even families. When did we start feeling attacked by a difference of opinion? No, really…can we not disagree without name calling, backstabbing, and taking weapons into public places and shooting innocent people?

I’m like you. I can spot the problem from a mile away. Time to start doing something productive to address it. Acts 1:8 (be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and the ends of the world) is the way forward. Start right around you making it a kinder and gentler place to be and then allow God to use you to move from there across the street and eventually around the world.

Let’s do something…and trust God with the results.

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