Faith with Doubts and Questions ending with Generosity

Do you have an up and down faith journey story? Moments of “getting it” and moments of “what is going on?” Well, you are not alone! One of the most fascinating faith journeys in Scripture, from my perspective, is that of a man who was a: knowledgeable religious leader, questioner, doubter, defender of the faith, and a generous giver in time of need. All of these aspects of a faith journey were wrapped up in one person who is known as Nicodemus.

Nicodemus’ journey with Jesus unfolds in three places in John’s gospel – John 3:1-17, John 7:50-51, John 19:39. I’ll encourage you to take a moment and read these three insights into Nicodemus.

From questioning Jesus at night (John 3) to later defending Jesus in public (John 7:50) to finally caring for Jesus in death (John 19:29), Nicodemus did not have a gently upwardly sloping faith journey with Jesus. But he did make strides forward and, more importantly, Jesus was patient with him. And in his (Jesus) great moment of need, who was there to supply the myrrh and aloe weighing a hundred pounds for burial? Yep, you guessed it…Nicodemus.

What a great person for us to learn from!

Do you have questions and doubts? Ask them. Express them. Struggling with what to do next? Go and be timid. Or,go and be bold. Go and know that Jesus is willing to give you time and distance to be right where you are today.

Just go…

The key is to keep moving…don’t stop because you don’t have all the answers or you haven’t made the journey smoothly and without faults.