6 For this reason I remind you to rekindle the gift of God that is within you through the laying on of my hands; 7 for God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline.

2 Timothy 1:6–7 (NRSV)

Every once in a while our gift from God needs to be rekindled. Not because God has diminished but because we have gotten distracted, distraught, and maybe even discontented. 

Paul tells Timothy in the above verses to remember that the people of God had laid hands on him and acknowledged God’s call upon his life. Paul wants to make sure that Timothy continues to receive and live into that gift versus giving it up for seemingly greener, easier, and even more respectable pastures (at least in the eyes of the world.)

The ways of God may not be easy but the Spirit of God is enough. Enough power, love, and self-discipline to move us forward to complete the work we are given.

What a great reminder and rekindling as we begin a new week.