top3 + 1 for September 2, 2022

Heading out for the long  weekend? Take along these three things, and a bonus this week, that I’ve been reading and thinking about this week. I hope they challenge you as they did me. Have a great Labor Day weekend!


The Church does not need brilliant personalities but faithful servants of Jesus and the brethren.

Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

There is a certain amount of relief that comes over me as I read the above. Brilliance is illusive…faithfulness is accessible especially since faithfulness is a fruit of the Spirit not a state of giftedness.


It is difficult to imagine how we are going to have an intelligent conversation around complex theopolitical issues as long as the average news consumer in America is willing to be sound-bite driven.

Hijacked by Chuck Gutenson, Mike Slaughter, Robert Jones

I shared this quote at the Administrative Council meeting last month. Refusing to be sound-bite driven is more difficult than it seems. We take comfort in ideas boiled down and memorable especially if they naturally align with what we believe. But sound-bites don’t make space for others. They truncate all conversation by promoting certitude over curiosity. There needs to be a healthy balance of both (certain in who and whose we are & curious about what that means)  if we ever hope to enter into meaningful dialogue.


The Missional Church and Leadership Formation by Craig Van Gelder

What is essential here is that this means that all meaningful discourse to shape a congregation’s vision must result, not simply in ideas, but must ultimately translate into behaviors.

The Missional Church and Leadership Formation by Craig Van Gelder

What does it take to capture not only your mind but your heart? To not only move you to emotion but to action? Often it is a vision greater than our current situation and group to do it with. The church needs to remember that our vision statements need to do more than sound enticing, they need to invite and elicit response.


Bonus! Actually, it is a repost of yesterday’s video. I messed up the initial post so here it is again but viewable this time…that might help!

Six Good Minutes for Sep. 1, 2022