Pentecost Week Devotional: The One Who Creates

The lectionary texts are for Pentecost which is the day that the Spirit of Christ was given to the followers of Christ. The results were dramatic and eternal.

When you send forth your spirit, they are created;

Psalm 104:30 NRSV

Our psalm this week acknowledges God’s creative power upon all of creation including humanity. Made in God’s image, humanity, shares a creative impulse. We are created and then go about creating as a way of glorifying the One who made us. The impact of humanity’s creative impulse can be seen in art, technology, construction, business, and so many many other areas. The fingerprint of God remains firmly imprinted on our lives and the impact blesses all persons.

As we begin this week pointed toward Pentecost, let’s take a moment to stop and give thanks and praise to the One who created and continues to create in us and through us.