top3 for May 14, 2021


How to Have a Happier Post-Pandemic Life – The Atlantic

Wow, I wrote this part of the article before the CDC news about release of some of the masking requirements. It takes on an even greater urgency to begin processing how life may look after the pandemic.

Without turning a blind eye to the enormous amount of loss and disruption, I do believe that there is a moment to move forward, at the appropriate time, into a future that is more aligned with our values. The above article encourages making a stop list and a start list. What do we want to leave behind as we come out of Covid? What do we want to take with us?

I have both lists going but not ready to make any final proclamations. Leaving behind my feelings of helplessness would be a fine way to move from Covid. And keeping some of the margin in my life that made the past year one of my best for devotional life as well as fitness gains would be awesome.


The Odds of Rocket Fragments Falling on You This Weekend are Low…But Not Zero from The Brew

I’ve started receiving the daily newsletter The Brew and it has been so good. It curates the news with a bent toward investing, technology, culture, and humor. All things that strike a chord with me. It is sophomoric in tone with grad degree content. Goals for my personal communication!!

There is something about not taking yourself too seriously while taking others very seriously. Perhaps that is a good definition of humility. And we know that humility is part of the foundation of growth in Christ.

Oh, and the article about rocket fragments…it for real. As if we need another thing to worry about!


“He who thinks that he has finished is finished. Those who think they have arrived have lost their way.” – Henri Nouwen

I’ll leave you with this quote from Nouwen. May we always have a beginners mindset.