Lent 2021

The lenten season begins tomorrow. Today is normally a day of feasting before the time of fasting begins. Cake is eaten or maybe pancakes – although I’m calling that cake too since it is in the name. You can’t have a pancake without the cake…sounds like a catchy sermon title! But I digress.

As you make plans for lent make sure its not something that you have been wanting to do for a while and just haven’t done so yet. For instance…I know I need to eat better therefore I’ll give up sugar for lent…or coffee…or ice cream (which is sugar, I know, but it is also so much more.)

Now, none of these things are bad to fast from, but the reason why is the key. Is it so that you can feel better about yourself or so you can draw closer to God?

What is something that is distracting you from God? That is one good place to start. Or, what is something that would open you, or your family, up to God’s grace that you are not currently doing now? Another good place to start…and…it comes with an added benefit. To add something good you often must make room be subtracting something not.

The good news is that God is less concerned about what we give up or take on and instead excited about the fact that you are making time to know him more fully and love him more completely.