Top3 for March 20, 2020

Once again the Covid-19 news dominated my reading and attention this week in many ways.

For your awareness, today (Friday) is my turn to take over Downtown’s FaceBook page at 2:00P.M. EST. I’ll be sharing about my devotional practices and taking questions from anyone who may join. If you are available, I’d love to see you! Click here for a link to the page.

#1 – Keep Calm and Listen to Brian Lehrer – New York Times

The power of a voice of reason and calm. Dietrich Bonhoeffer says in his book Life Together that “The Christ in our own heart is weaker than the Christ in the word of our brother (or sister).” We need each other in times of uncertainty and doubt to speak words of hope. One of my focuses for this year is to “instill courage” in those around me for I believe courage can be contagious (no pun intended I assure you) just like fear can be…how little I really knew in January and how important this statement continues to be.

By the way, my friend Teddy Ray and I taped a discussion about Chapter 1 of Bonhoeffer’s book Life Together this week. Let me know and I’ll make sure you know where to go and have a look and listen depending on when it is released. It would make a great read if you are looking for something to help you think theologically about our the need for community especially in a time where the normal patterns are difficult or non-existent.

#2 – United Methodist Church Postpones General Conference in May

I am in no way making a political statement about General Conference. Just stating the obvious that this will have a tremendous impact on what we are considering as a denomination. I will say that these days have brought a unity across the denomination showing that there are many things that we can agree upon and be in ministry together.

#3 – Psalm 23 is the psalter for the fourth Sunday in Lent.

Of course it is…

How fitting and what a sign of God’s grace that “The Lord is my Shepherd” will be the call to worship in many congregations this week – even the one I belong to!

Yea, though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil for though art with me, they rod and staff they comfort me.

Just let this sign of God’s grace sink in dear friends.