Advent Devotion – Monday, December 9, 2019

Strengthen the weak hands,
and make firm the feeble knees.
4 Say to those who are of a fearful heart,
“Be strong, do not fear!
Here is your God. Isaiah 35:3-4 [NRSV]

We often think of Advent as a time of waiting. But it is also a time of action as told us in the prophet Isaiah.

Strengthen the weak hands and make firm the feeble knees!

Say to the fearful hearted, “Do not fear!”

We are members of a body, not only when we choose to be, but in our whole existence. Every member serves the whole body, either to its health or to its destruction. This is no mere theory; it is a spiritual reality. And the Christian community has often experienced its effects with disturbing clarity, sometimes destructively and sometimes fortunately.

from Life Together by Dietrich Boenhoffer

Bonhoeffer rightly asserts that we are serving the whole body either to its health of destruction. Christian community is the vehicle by which God does the work of salvation. While faith is most assuredly personal, it is never private. And community isn’t a buzz word , it is the air we breath as Christians.

A great Advent reminder as we wait…both passively and actively.