Welcome to the season of Advent. A season of waiting; a season of anticipation; a season of wonder and awe. We begin Advent by taking a few weeks to familiarize ourselves with the book of Matthew and the Gospels themselves. 

Matthew is written to a Jewish audience attempting to show why Jesus is the Messiah they have been promised and the one they have been waiting for. Jesus, whose name is Immanuel, God with us, arrives on the scene and things begin to change within and outside the Jewish people. His gospel message, i.e. the good news, is contained in his first sermon which is one of the shortest ever, “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near.” Repent, which means to turn or to answer, is a most appropriate way to begin our year with Jesus. 

May we turn our attention toward the One who came as promised. And may we answer his invitation to come and see what he does and says so we can do the same.

Check out this podcast with Chad Foster, Carol Cooper, Teddy Ray and me as we dive into the book of Matthew and how it fits with the Old Testament and the season of Advent. We also get into what is Gospel and why it matters.

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