It’s Saturday but Sunday is coming

Every Saturday, right about this time (4:00pm) I realize that I’ve either spent time preparing for Sunday or not. There is no way to make-up for any lost hours. If I haven’t done some work starting 5-weeks back and a lot of work 2-weeks out and finishing work this week there is no way to recreate that kind of simmering, stewing and reflecting time by 8:30 tomorrow morning which will be repeated at 11:00.

And you are the same way too. Oh, I get to preach which will be a very public and visible sign of my preparation (or lack thereof) but you too have been preparing, or not, for tomorrow.

Have we spent time in prayer and study? Have we connected with our church family? Have we made an effort to align our time and energy so that tomorrow morning is instilled with both?

For you see, tomorrow’s worship is not a spectator event but a full-on participation time where we come to bring our praise, thanksgiving, joy, as well as hurts of our heart and fears of our life.

Wherever you attend church, let me encourage you to spend some time this evening preparing in heart, mind, and spirit for worship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I know that will be part of my evening too.