Top3 for September 27, 2019

The following is a quick hitting list of things that made a difference in my life this week.


Workers Fleeing Big Cities

In an article I describe as choosing quality over quantity, this piece highlights the move away from large, congested, and expenses cities in favor or smaller (but not real small) places to live.

The older I get the more I appreciate the relaxed pace and realistic sensibilities of the town I live in. And I am beginning to see it in others areas of my life. Why is it now that a Saturday free from major commitments is something I look forward to all week? I believe I am growing…older for sure…maybe more content?


The mystery of faith is this: Christ died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.

The above is the first line of the United Methodist Church’s funeral liturgy. These few words, and the reality they describe, is the reason a funeral service can truly be a celebration of life and a service of hope.

Let’s not make it more complicated than it is. Hope is relationship based not works based. Every time I lead a group in these words I am reminded that Christ has already done everything necessary. Well, except for one thing…my believing it.


Susan and I started watching Downton Abbey this week.

I know, I know. We are way late to this game and for that I offer no apology. In part I am interested because I am currently reading a 800 page Churchill biography which peaked my interest. Most generations are asked to make sacrifices and it seems that the World War I and II generations made far more than their share.

In a world that tells me to take care of myself and that my greatest goal is what I can accomplish as an individual, it is good to be reminded that this has not always been the case.