Deep leads to Wide

The focus of pastoral leadership is so consistently on the people, in fact, that the spiritual condition of the flock is the only real measure of a leader’s success.

Christopher Beeley from Leading God’s People

Notice that the focus of pastoral leadership isn’t growing a church. It isn’t leading a great program. Pastoral leadership isn’t about being a good administrator or chief executive officer.

No, the goal of pastoral leadership is people and their growth. When that is happening everything else takes care of itself.

As a pastor, I need that reminder each and every week as I fall into the temptation of growing attendance or budgets or programs. All of these things…and many more…find their natural points of sustaining growth once the focus is firmly upon people.

It’s a huge risk…people. I should know because I am one!

But it is the only strategy the Bible knows. People are Plan A…and there is no Plan B.