top3 for August 23, 2019

Here is a quick dose of three things that have made a difference in my life this week.


A spiritual director is not a guru whose authority depends on personal enlightenment, but a person of faith and a discerning companion who listens well and prays with you.

Henri Nouwen from Spiritual Formation

I believe it is helpful for us to have help with our body, mind and spirit. Someone, in whom we trust, to have access to our “vitals” and our okay to prescribe from time too time what may be helpful. A spiritual director does just that. If you have any interest in that kind of a relationship, I have a couple of spots open this fall. Send me an email and I can give you more info!


Grace is opposed to earning, not to effort.

Dallara Willard from The Great Omission

Means of grace, spiritual practices, or even disciplines if you prefer that language are not our way of earning God’s favor but rather putting ourselves in the midst of God’s waterfall of gifts. It takes effort to wade back into the stream day after day. You sometimes even come up empty handed! But if we have any hope of building a strong relationship we will persevere with prayer, Scripture reading, worship, and meeting in small groups to just name a few ways God’s grace is promised.


I’ve been revisiting my 2019 goals from January. With the school year starting, this has been, and continues to be, a good time for me to not lose focus but end the year well.

  1. More urgency, less anxiety.
  2. Give people benefit of the doubt.
  3. Live simply to give generously especially when it comes to time.
  4. Speak truth in love. More truth when needed.  More love when necessary.