top3 for August 2, 2019

Here are three things that I’ve read, thought about, or am contemplating this week.

#1 –

“Focus on process instead of goals to initiate momentum. ” War of Art

Incrementalism is more realistic and controllable than giant leap forwards. Those who know this and are willing to be a bit boring develop forward momentum over time by sticking to their process.

My problem is that I fear I’ll choose the wrong process and that I’ll have momentum in a direction that is not where I want to go. My guess is that comes from fear and not from freedom. Trust in the process is the key.

#2 –

The pervasive disciplines to which Deuteronomy summons Israel is precisely to give up autonomy for the sake of committed, neighborly relatedness.

Walter Brueggemann from Words that Linger and Texts that Explode

Give up autonomy for neighbors. My rights come well behind your needs. Now that’s a lifestyle perspective that could change things in a hurry.

#3 –

It’s Friday and I am…ready, anxious, peace-filled and grateful.

These series of prompts have become part of my morning devotional routine. I spend time at the end of my time reflecting on what in my life if feel ready for, anxious about, peace’s-filled about and grateful for. This is not easy but has been extremely helpful. It forces me to acknowledge where I am and that helps me discern what I need to do next.