top3 for May 31, 2019

Here is a weekly quick shot of what I’ve been reading, listening to, or thinking about. Maybe something below sparks something for you too.


Great reminder that difficult circumstances often produce new opportunities and stronger persons. How we come back from disappointment and loss is, in my opinion, the key to successfully navigating life and being a person who can be fully invested in others. As tough as it can be personally, I see this most clearly in my kids. The times that they didn’t make the team, experienced disappointment and even loss are the times that I’ve seen the greatest growth in them. Bouncing back is about surrounding ourselves with others who can encourage  us as well as gently, and sometimes not so gently, tell us to get back out there. 


If you have 30 minutes this podcast is well worth your time. While I am not [please hear me on this!] making a political statement here, I do believe there is much to be learned about how to dissent. Am I willing to give up something to show how much I care about it? That is my take-away if you want to save 30 minutes! But I hope you will let Malcom Gladwell do it much better than that.


“Do you not realize that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance?”

Romans 2:4 (NRSV)

I’ve been reading in Romans the past two weeks and reminded how powerful a theological letter it is. It is 16 chapters well worth your time. [BTW…I didn’t mean to make a bunch of assignments for you this week but oh well.] 

God’s kindness or patience leads to repentance. I always thought judgment grabbed our attention and turned us around! And yet Paul, not one who shied away from wrath, says it is God’s kindness. 

I’ve been starting my prayer times lately with the following:

“Father, Son and Holy Spirit you are welcome. As you make your home in our lives please fill us to overflow with goodness and kindness”

You want an evangelistic strategy? Try kindness…seems like that is God’s plan.