Top3 for April 26, 2019

#1 – Tricks of the trade article from the Wall Street Journal.

Robert Caro is a writer. In particular he has focused his efforts on a deep dive into the life of Lyndon Baines Johnson to discover how power is gathered and then used. As a scattered person, I have a lot of respect for folks who spend their life going deeply into a few subjects.

#2 – Steph Curry has a popcorn problem and I can identify.

Fun behind the scenes piece from the New York Times about the habits of Mr. Curry. All things in moderation is the take-away…if only I could manage moderation!

#3 – Thought I continue to ponder

The empty tomb did not convince the disciples that Jesus was alive. Witnesses to the risen Christ did however!

Jesus said in Acts 1 that the disciples would be his witnesses. And that became the strategy for carrying the Good News forward. It still is today. Personal witnesses to the power of Christ at work is still the most convincing aspect of Christianity.