top3 for February 22, 2019

Here are three things I’ve read, been thinking about or have been impacted by this week. Hope something strikes a chord with you too.

#1 – The Rise of the WeWork Culture

Co-working space is more than about space it is about culture and working styles. These offices are popping up over the globe for those not interested in leasing or owning permanent space but would rather rent an upscale experience surrounded by a diverse crowd of people.

As one who loves to work from Panera (no, I am not getting paid by them…yet anyway!) I can identify with the draw to work spaces that are public and yet very personal. And I am always running into folks who I would not have seen simply being in my office. The downside for me is the time away from my own colleagues but I am also quite pleased that many of them make their way to MY Panera where we gather.

#2 – Christian community is made of people who gather around the transforming presence of Christ so they can do the will of God.

from Pursuing God’s Will Together by Ruth Haley Barton

What makes the church different than Rotary or any other service organization? The transforming presence of Christ making possible God’s will to be accomplished. It is both a personal and a social; internal and external; me and we.

#3 – We must recover for ourselves the significance and the necessity of spiritual disciplines. Without them we shall continue to be impotent witnesses for Christ. Without them Christ will be impotent in his efforts to use us to save our society from disintegration and death.

from Discipline and Discovery by Albert Edward Day