We seldom get rid of an evil merely by understanding its causes…and for all our insight, obstinate habits do not disappear until replaced by other habits. But habits are won only by exercise, and appropriate education is the sole means to this end. The patient must be drawn out of themself into other paths, which is the true meaning of “education,” and this can only be achieved by an educative will…

…no amount of confession and no amount of explaining can make the crooked plant grow straight it must be trained upon the trellis of the norm by the gardener’s art.

From The Practice of Psychotherapy by Carl G. Jung

While an unusual place to find a devotional thought I admit, the truth is still powerful as it relates to following Christ. The trellis upon which we are trained is the word of God. We attach ourself through obedience. Our “willpower” gets us nowhere and gets us there fast! Only by God’s power at work in our life do we stand a chance at overcoming our selfish, lazy and even at times destructive desires.

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