All Things are Possible

“For God all things are possible.”

Jesus said these words in the 19th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew. He acknowledged that for humanity this expression is not so, but in relation to God it is not only true but the reality in which God operates. God is in the business of bringing order to chaos, light into darkness and life to that which is dead. But often, we live not as a people of possibility but a people of probability. God “can” but God “probably” won’t is how we often view the difficult and long-standing issues and problems in our life. And if we aren’t careful we take our most difficult issues (relationships, health, finances, emotional stresses) and put them in a box instead of wearing God out with pleas for help. We give up on God instead of give them to God.

What causes us to not embrace the possibilities of God? 

  1. Have not heard that God is in the business of bringing order to chaos.
  2. Skepticism and doubt either that God can or that we deserve it. 
  3. Fear of disappointment or change. 
  4. Lack of focus. 

I challenged the good people Downtown yesterday to take their boxes off the shelf and present their deepest needs and desires before God and allow him to do for them what they cannot do for themselves. And that is to trust in the One in whom all things are possible. Will you?