Lent Devotional #5

Devotional #5

Scripture:  Take a moment to read Luke 15:1-24.

Devotional Thought: Prodigal is defined as “spending money or resources freely and recklessly; wastefully extravagant” or “having or giving something on a lavish scale.”  There are two people in this story that can be viewed as being prodigal:  the younger son and….the father.  The deep sinful actions are met with a deeper grace.  I have been listening to a song by Hillsong lately named What A Beautiful Name.  One of the lines in this song says “my sin was great but your love was greater.”  I love that thought.  That is exactly how the story of the prodigal son and father plays out.  No matter the depth of our sin God’s grace is deeper.  I like to say that all sin is equal in God’s eyes.  Equally forgivable!  And that is because God’s grace (gift of forgiveness) is far more powerful than all our sin.

Prayer Focus:  Lord, I’ve dug quite a deep hole through my sin. Please forgive me and free me for joyful obedience to you for your glory.