Advent: Great Anticipation

Let’s flip Advent for a moment and view it from God’s viewpoint….

God sends Jesus who lays His life down in order for us to have life eternally. God provides unconditional love, mercy, and grace for anyone who would freely recieve it. And then God waits….waits for me to say “yes”. waits for you to say “yes”. waits for this world to realize that we are incapable of making it on our own.

But God does not simply wait passively. Like a duck swimming, God is unwavering and unchanging on the one hand and paddling like mad toward you and me on the other. Advent from God’s perspective is the great anticipation that we will run to God’s arms. Every day, each moment, over and over again, God never fails to look for you and look for me. Offering complete and ultimate forgiveness. Offering an undeniable, unfathomable, and unquenchable relationship with the Living and one God.

And God waits.