top3 for November 3, 2017

#1 – Not Excited for Winter Olympics in South Korea

My recent trip to South Korea confirms this article.  We asked at several places about what the overall excitement level was for the Olympics and we got a great big “yawn”.  Between the cost, hype and the extra security, it just seems that the Olympics do not generate much excitement for the host nation.

Got me thinking about what we do at church and how often our programs seem to run out of steam after a while.  Do we gin up excitement or do we simply say things have run their course and celebrate their achievements?  I believe we need to become better at just that.

#2 – New-Old Church Strategy

If you don’t follow, let me again say that this is one of the more important voices to follow.  Not just because Teddy is a friend and colleague of mine, but because he has wisdom that we need for today.

Teddy tackles what the church really needs from leadership in this piece.  I’ll not try to add or detract anything and let you read it for yourself.

#3 – “I used to tell him: ‘Hey, you are too much emotional. Read books more. Learn your religion first,’” said Abdul, the imam, who did not want his last name used because he feared reprisals. “He did not learn religion properly. That’s the main disease in the Muslim community.”

I’m reading Jean Vanier’s book Becoming Human this week.  In it he claims that loneliness is the one thing that either makes or breaks us.  Our desire to not be lonely drives us to community.  Without community we can be swept away to some pretty dark places.

That appears as to what was at the heart of the NYC attacker this week.  I’ve linked the full article above and highlighted what I thought was a fascinating observation by the imam.