A few more pictures of the trip to the DMZ (demilitarized zone along the South and North Korea border)

We are in fairly early tonight and I have great WiFi so I’ll upload a few more pics so you can get a better sense of what happened along the DMZ.  The day began with a cermonial drum beating for peace and then to a joint prayer meeting at the 21st Mountain Division’s basecamp along with a spaghetti lunch with the troups (yes..I said spaghetti!).  Afterwards we toured a tunnell found by S. Korea which was dug by N. Korea to aid an invastion before finally viewing N. Korea from the top of a mountain lookout maintained by the military.

Kwanglim Methodist Church’s Senior Pastor Kim beating drum for reunification

Picture of the “punchbowl” valley directly on the other side of a mountain from North Korea. Punchbowl refers the the fertile valley in which fruits and vegetables are produced and sent across Asia.
Commander of the 21st Mountain Division witnessing to his faith that God fights for S. Korea so no need to worry or be anxious. Told us about how God’s hand has been at work for over 22 years to bring him into this position for such a time as this.
General waving good -bye after prayer meeting. They look worried about N. Korea don’t they?!