Deep and Wide

The dust is settling on my first sermon series Downtown.  We entitled it Deep and Wide as we talked about how we love God (deep)and that spills over to the love of others (wide).  We discovered that as we WORSHIP, GROW AND SERVE we are transformed by God into people whose lives become the kingdom come that we pray for each week in the Lord’s Prayer.  

Now is the time to get in the game. 

I’m reminded of the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer from his book Life Together, 

“Christian comunity is not an ideal which we must realize; it is rather a reality created by God in Christ in which we may participate.”

  Christianity is not a set of ideals to believe but rather a Savior to follow.  And as we follow we are confronted with Jesus’ words, deeds and gentleness that move us out of our places of comfort and into places where transformation is not an outlier but the norm.  It is by necessity not one moment in time but a lifetime of moments of faithfulness.  And therefore the church is not a place we go but a people we belong to.  

No better time than today to join in what Jesus is doing by committing to regular times of worship (including Sunday mornings!) and increasing our attention to Jesus’ words, deeds, and gentleness in order to put all of these into action through serving Christ as we serve others.  

In case you missed a week during the series, I encourage you to go back and check out the sermon podcasts at Downtown Podcasts.

This fall we will be spending time talking about the impact baptism has on all our lives.  We will be walking through our Baptismal Covenant to discover “who we are” by remembering “whose we are”.  The series is called ROOTED and begins September 10th.