Knowing is but the start

Chuck Gutenson preached Downtown yesterday and reminded us that knowing what Jesus requires of us is straightforward…doing it on the otherhand is quite the challenge.  Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is a perfect example of this straightforward/difficult truth about being a follower of Christ.  Turn the other cheek  (Matthew 5.39) is clear enough, but when someone offends you or someone you love is where it is difficult to put into practice.

One of my favorite quotes is from G.K. Chesterton who said and I paraphrase, “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting.  It rather has been found difficult and not tried.”  That so often describes me.  And quite frankly it is humbling.  Which of Jesus’ teaching and life do you wrestle with?  Stewardship? Forgiving those who offend you 70×7?  Or what about his example of quietly being led to the Cross without fighting back?

Whatever it is, know that we are in this together.  There is a reason that Romans 2 says that it is God’s patience that leads to our turning to him.  And I personally need all the patience I can get.