Preaching? Really?

Ok. I am a reluctant public speaker. In fact, I would rather hang out in the back row and quickly exit after the service if truth be told. That is why I find it so interesting to know that I do what I do now. One of the ways you know you are in God’s will is that you are doing what you never expected (nor wanted) and can’t ever imagine stopping. That is where I find myself. Reluctant yet compelled.

Which brings me to my point. How often have we dismissed something because it is not what we feel suited to or qualified for? My guess is that if you are like me you do this often. Let me encourage you about this point. If you could do it on your own, you wouldn’t need God. And if truth be told, no matter what we can do on our own power pales in comparison to what God can do through us. So the choice is yours. Be satisfied with your own accomplishments or decide to give God an empty vessel through which to work. What you will find is that God enhances your giftedness (even if you thought it didn’t exist) far beyond what you could ever have done on your own. And for that I am grateful.