Growing in Grace – Receptive Attitude

One of the greatest enemies to a growing relationship with God is called the status quo.  What did Jesus say in Revelation 21.5? ” I come to make all things new” (emphasis mine). As much as we want to rewrite that to say all things the same, comfortable, easy, assured of success, Jesus said all things new.  And for those of us who dislike change…which is all of us in some way, shape or fashion, this means we must push out of the familiar and into new territories.  It begins with an openness to hearing from God and moving in God’s direction.

You would agree that it is much easier to receive something with open hands than closed fists.  We need to develop this same receptive attitude as we go through our lives.  Let me give you one practice which will keep you aware of our need for openness this year.  It is a palms up approach.  Pray with hands open toward the sky.  As Scripture is read, turn your hands upward to show God and remind yourself of your openness to God’s new word making its way into your life.  The basis of our openness is spiritual disciplines.  We pray and give God our attention and heart.  We read Scripture and listen for God’s direction.  We meet together in small groups and explore God’s word and God’s leading together.

If we are not consistently in prayer, Scripture and small group experiences, I believe we have already decided which way we want out lives to go and are simply wanting God to bless our mess instead of lead our lives.