How To Tell If You Are On God’s Path? Part 2

If delay and/or uncertainty do not diminish desire then you have cause to believe you are on God’s path.

The eastern people placed their hopes on a star from God.  Nothing else except was revealed except to follow until it was no longer possible.  You know there were cloudy nights when the star was not visible.  You also know that the daytime was not conducive to stargazing nor was the path of their journey conducive to speed.  They set out on a long trip in the face of great uncertainty and yet were determined to persevere.

Uncertainty clarifies God’s revelation.  Delay distinguishes between Godly and personal desire.  I know that sounds strange, but not having all the information at once helps us determine if we are moving forward because God inspired us or we dreamed it up.  St. Gregory said, “All holy desires heighten in intensity with the delay of fulfillment, and desires which fade with delay were never holy desires at all.”

And so it is true for us as well.  When God places a path before you, the desire to be on that path will not wain when times get uncertain or delays present themselves.  How I wish it were not that way!  It would be much easier if all Godly paths were smooth and quick.  But that is simply not how God has done things.  Ask Moses how that worked out?  Or King David?  Or just about anyone else in Scripture for that matter.