How to tell if you are on God’s path? Part 1

Passion.  Important.  Determination.  Important.  But just as important is to have passion and determination about the right thing.  And for those of us who follow Christ, the right thing is always God’s way.  How do we know when we are chasing God’s desire for our lives and not our made up desires?  The first thing to know is that God always reveals the path to us.


We need to look for what God reveals just as the magi looked and saw a star in the sky that seemed to match the stories they remembered about a sign for a Jewish king being born.  We in the church tend to over-spiritualize and lay things on God that are really, in the end, just what we want.  That is why I can’t stress enough for us to be in prayer and Scripture regularly as well as in small group and worship often.  These are some of the places that God works through to reveal our path.  If we are not willing to be a part of these practices then we have determined to go our own way and set our own course.

It is also helpful for us to be reminded that the eastern people followed the star as far as they could, and then they asked for help.  They asked questions.  They admitted that they didn’t have it all figured out.  And they submitted to the knowledge of others to continue in the direction God had for them.  When God reveals a path for us, God brings along people and circumstances to affirm the direction.

Let’s put this all together.  For the magi, God’s revelation was a star, a narrative/prophecy of a Jewish king, and a group of people to help clarify this direction.  Here is what I want us to see…God’s direction is tough to miss!  We often miss it because God’s direction does not align with the desires of our heart and not because the direction was difficult to find.