Messy and dangerous or tidy and sanitized?

Acts 9:10 (NLT-SE)   Now there was a believer in Damascus named Ananias. The Lord spoke to him in a vision, calling, “Ananias!” “Yes, Lord!” he replied.  The Lord said, “Go over to Straight Street, to the house of Judas. When you get there, ask for a man from Tarsus named Saul. He is praying to me right now. 12 I have shown him a vision of a man named Ananias coming in and laying hands on him so he can see again.”  “But Lord,” exclaimed Ananias, “I’ve heard many people talk about the terrible things this man has done to the believers in Jerusalem!

Paul had found Jesus on the road to Damascus. Actually, it was Jesus who found Paul.  And not only did Jesus find Paul, he struck him blind and sent him into town at the mercy of those around him.  It was at this moment that Jesus asks Ananias to play a part in the story.  Notice how quickly in verse 11 that Ananias answer “Yes Lord.”  I am ready for sure Jesus.  Call on me!  And also notice how quickly  Ananias’ exuberance dissipated when he found out the purpose of Jesus’ visit.

You and I say we want to be used by Christ?  But is that lip service only?  Are we willing to hear the messy and sometimes even dangerous message Jesus brings us?  Or do we only want to hear from God what fits in our tidy and sanitized box?

Ananias was willing as it turned out.  And he was used to be the instrument through which God brought healing and empowerment.

If we pray the prayer “use me Lord” earnestly, God will answer it powerfully.  But be forewarned that it may not look like you want it to look.  Be forewarned that it may not even be something you have ever thought or dreamed of doing. Be forewarned that it may be something not even in your “strengths” box.  Be forewarned that you will never be the same.