“Astonishing! The Son of God – who, more than anyone else, was free to choose what he would – chose not only a mother and a people, but also a social position. And he wanted to be a wage earner.
That Jesus had voluntarily lost himself in an obscure Middle Easter village; annihilated himself in the daily monotony of rough, miserable work; separated himself from the society that “counts”; and died in total anonymity.”
                                                          From Letters from the Desert by Carlo Carretto

The above adds a whole new meaning to taking up “my” cross and following. Do I maintain the focus I need to when no one is watching or no one will be affected by my actions? Do I want for greater authority and notoriety so “my” name might increase? If so, I must admit that my actions and motives are the furthest thing from what Jesus taught us through his actions, motives and words.

If Holy Week teaches us one thing…it is that Jesus never wanted for anything except to do the will of his Father in heaven. Will the same be said for us years from now?

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