Coffee Prices On the Rise! So what…

For some of us, the price of high quality beans going up is signficant.  For others, we couldn’t care less.

And herein lies a fundamental truth for those in leadership.

Do not expect people to be energized by an idea or a project unless it is personal to them.  In fact, most folks won’t even get excited unless they were part of the idea generating meeting and some even won’t get excited unless it is THEIR idea.

I believe with all my heart that we must be as inclusive as possible and strive to build consensus at every turn.  The real problem comes when there is a need to do something/try something that will not be on the top of anyone’s list.  Consensus many times takes you to places of comfort and status quo instead of places of risk and growth.  When consensus is not likely to be reached then don’t expect folks to buy-in unless you have taken time to build their confidence by your past actions (and quite frankly successes).  It is in these situations we must continually ask for (and receive) feedback and give people a lot of space to wrestle with what is going on.