Lenten Thought

Growing up in a tradition that did not celebrate Lent, I find myself a relative newcomer to the season.  And as such the new car smell has yet to wear off! Lent, coming from the derivative “lengthen” for the longer days, is a 40 day (not including mini-Easters also known as Sunday!) preparation period for the people of faith.  Preparation?  For what?  Readying our hearts for the ultimate expression of love and power…Easter.

It has been customary to either give up something or take-up something for this period of time.  One might take time each day to pray or read Scripture.  One might take up random acts of kindness to strangers.  Or you might decide to “fast” from something and in place of this something turn your attention to God.

However it is.  Whatever you do.  Focus upon God is the key.  I love to take up the Book of Common Prayer during this season.   For it’s liturgy (prayers, Scripture passages, and reflections) are full of perspective changing power for me.

How will you prepare?