Evangelism Quote

“The power of a life, where Christ is exalted, would arrest and subdue those who are bored to tears by our thin version of Christianity and wholly uninterested in mere churchmanship.” From Discipline and Discover by Albert Edward Day

Christ creates within us a beauty that is unmistakable to others.  It is a life full of wholeness and drenched with the fruits of the spirit such as patience and kindness.  It is this kind of life that allows others to see Christ.  It is this kind of life that God wants to use to spread the Gospel message.

Evangelism, in my mind, begins with an inward journey of discipline.  But if it is truly spiritual will not remain there but overflow into all other parts of our life and the lives of those around us.  In my mind this means to reach the world with the Gospel mesage we don’t need to be more relevant…we need to be more like Christ.