Vacation Notes

Wrapping up week 1 of vacation and thoroughly enjoyed our traveling and visits this week.  Spent time in Austin and outside of Ft Worth while getting a couple of lake days in between.  Next week’s plan is to rest and relax at the lake and for me to ramp up the study for the fall preaching calendar.  This week has been fun for the kids to see a bit more of Texas and to hear the stories about the places and people of this destination we frequently travel.  They are beginning to realize the size and diversity of the place.  We took Madelyn to TCU yesterday  to look around and see the campus.  She has taken two “interest finders” that help you select the right college for you and both times TCU was top of the list because of their performing arts emphasis (ie. ballet).  Beautiful campus and friendly people.  It helped that I was wearing an A&M shirt which was a conversation starter to say the least.

Praying for Ken Kinghorn as he preaches tomorrow and Shannon Blosser as he will be leading in worship.

Will post a few pictures on Flickr for those who want to see some of the journey.