Wrapping Up

We leave for our annual pilgrimage to Texas on Sunday for a two-week stay.  Before we leave there is much to complete.  Arts Camp finishes tonight and has been a blessing for me to see the young people and the talented folks we have working with them.  I am then finishing up our summer sermon series on Revelation as we talk about a New Heaven and New Earth this weekend and what that means for us TODAY!  That on top of the usual stuff that needs to be completed for a family of five to be gone will make it an exciting and quick weekend.

That brings me to my thought for the day.  I am not usually a good FINISHER.  I like to start things and then typically lose interest and energy for them.  That has been a real prayer concern for me as I see it being something that inhibits God working through me in many ways.  On top of that, people get leery about following someone that they do not think will be there at the end just as excited as the beginning.

For these reasons and others, it is important that we finish strong the things we start.  It is not often fun after the initial “glow” and energy is gone, but it is during these moments that make the difference.  At this point, I am writing as someone with a long ways to go in this area.  But knowing your weakness is a place to start as long as you don’t get stuck there!