Right or Popular?

NYTime Article

Setting aside politics for a moment and the argument over more or less government, the article above provides an interesting conundrum for leaders. Do we do what is right? Or do we do what is popular? Now, I love it when the decision is both right and popular, but how often does that really happen? Do we as leaders have the internal fortitude to go against the flow at times when it is absolutely necessary?

The problem is that many times we as leaders feel we are right when we are not. And so we come off as self-centered and uninterested in other people’s opinion. In the church realm there is another layer of difficulty. I hear leaders often talking about what God wants. That is a loaded statement when we speak for God’s will. I am not saying that we shouldn’t because that is part of our calling, but it is also a grave responsibility for which we will be held accountable. And therefore we should remain very cautious before speaking.

I have more questions than answers about this as you can tell. Would love to hear from you…