Back to normal…whatever that is

Things seem to be getting back to normal for the Nelson household. All the kids went to school for the entire week (Marshall all day Wed-Fri) and the weekend is full of softball for Melisa and a final ballet performances for the year for Madelyn. And I found a way to workout everyday this week.

We are enjoying our new home, and I do mean home not house. It has been a breath of gracious fresh air full of gratitude and excitement that led us to buy (or should I say buying it from the bank) the home and move. The kids love the yard to play in and I love the fact that they love it. Besides some plumbing issues we are settling in just fine. And these too will pass (hopefully pass thru to the sewer anyway).

We have been carried by so many these past days in terms of prayer and hands and feet. It struck me this past week that we are reminded of what a church family truly means to those in need. It has renewed my commitment, warmed my heart, and given me a vision for what can be in terms of a group of people caring for one another.

Meanwhile, I wait for the kids to get off the bus and write a sermon. Thanking God for the simple pleasure of returning to normal.